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Spheres of Life/Art Center

Transmitting a dream is something that requires knowledge, courage and a little magic./ I believe in the expressive abilities inherent to all human beings. As everything else in life, these abilities are marked by nuances and different levels of intensity. As an artist, Iíve always felt the need to communicate that full range of ideas and feelings. There are two aspects that I regard as fundamental to express the ever changing kaleidoscope of thoughts growing inside of us. First is the ability to express ideas, interests and beliefs by means of concrete works of art. This creative endeavor paves the way to develop a second aspect: the transmission of knowledge and experiences acquired over the years. Throughout my life as an artist, Iíve been fortunate to share my work with others who have absorbed my creations and have made them their own. Numerous exhibitions have made this possible. Iíve had the honor of participating as an instructor, visiting artist and guest speaker at many prestigious institutions throughout the world. The need to continue sharing my skills is ever more acute inside of me. As a result of all my experiences, I created Spheres of Life/ Art Center, a space where creativity, knowledge and courage are vital ingredients in the creation of art./ Info: 1826 Trade Center Way, Suite B, Naples, FL, 34109, USA. Cel (239)470 0040 - e-mail: